Serious Fun

Learning doesn't have to be a drag - in fact, it shouldn't be. We are firm believers in the idea that people learn best when they are enjoying themselves. The learning experiences that we create for our clients are fun and engaging yet challenging and relevant. Watch this short video to see some highlights from a Bootcamp we created for Philips Lighting, showing our Serious Fun philosophy in action.

Impact Matters

The data is clear: the vast majority of Learning & Development interventions are creating huge amounts of wasted resources and failing to add real value to the organizations they aim to serve. We are committed to helping our clients avoid this waste and create a positive (and measurable) impact on what matters, by designing strategic learning experiences that support people to do what they need to do to meet the organization's goals.

Our Unique Approach

The main reason most L&D projects fail to deliver real value is because they jump ahead to solutions that are based on misguided assumptions, causing us to miss powerful opportunities to affect change.. Our proven PSXD framework guides our clients through a process of defining what it is people have to do to meet their objectives, uncovering the various factors contributing to the existing gaps in performance, and finally designing custom solutions that address these factors directly and move the right needles in the right directions.

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